Through a variety of avenues, the Center provides academic opportunities for students, staff, faculty, clinicians, and those from the community to pursue the breadth of topics within whole person care and spiritual health including continuing education classes, workshops, academic lectures and clinical experiences.

Spiritual Life and Wholeness Conference

The Center hosts an annual conference that teaches the fundamentals of whole person care throughout the disciplines and encourages participants to practice whole person care in the clinical setting.

Clinical Integration

Through various clinical experiences in the hospital, clinic, classroom, and office, the Center is committed to teaching those in the health care professions how to integrate whole person care within the various disciplines. The Center works closely with master’s degree programs and the doctoral degree program in religion and health within the School of Religion.


Mentoring others is one of the most important aspects of the Center’s work. Every year the Center awards scholarship and grant monies to those students and researchers who best exemplify a commitment to the mission of the Center and Loma Linda University. It is also the purpose of the Center to mentor new students, staff, faculty, and administrators