In 2004, an interdisciplinary team of scholars and church leaders was organized through Loma Linda University to identify significant research questions related to Seventh-day Adventist families. The same interdisciplinary team then circulated requests for research proposals for funding research on Seventh-day Adventist families. 

Following the completion of the research, a national conference was held at Loma Linda University in April, 2008, titled, Strengthening Families in the 21st Century: Health, Wholeness, and Faith. The entire conference was administered through the Loma Linda University Center for Spiritual Life and Wholeness. At the conference, the funded researchers shared their results with participants from a wide-range of interested fields, including church leaders, pastors, teachers, and research scholars.

At the completion of the conference, representatives from the Seventh-day Adventist General Conference, Seventh-day Adventist North American Division, and various academic institutions, including Loma Linda University, convened to discuss the conference proceedings. Using the Seventh-day Adventist concept of wholeness, the representatives established the Adventist Family Research Project (AFRP), with the goal of providing information and modern interventions for the sake of SDA families.