Please review the following PowerPoint presentations for the purposes of preparing to teach the CLEAR WPC model and the CLEAR WPC curriculum. Feel free to use and/or adapt the presentations for your own use.

Longing for Wholeness - PowerPoint | PDF

"The Story That Must Be Told"Apple Podcasts Preview

Academic Reference

Reference for:  CLEAR Whole Person Care® model (or CLEAR WPC® model)

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Reference for:  A Certain Kind of Light documentary film

A Certain Kind of Light (short form documentary film), (2016), Gober Park, C. (Producer and Executive Producer), Wakefield, K. (Producer), Vedder, B. (Director).

Reference for:  Whole Person Care film-based curriculum based on the CLEAR WPC® model

Gober Park, C., McMillan, K, Lee, H., Lozano, K. (2017). Bringing Wonder Into Medicine: A film-based curriculum. Presented at the Second International Congress on Whole Person Care; McGill University, Montreal, Canada.