About the Film

A Certain Kind of Light is a short form documentary film produced by Loma Linda University Health's Center for Spiritual Life and Wholeness. This film explores the transformative power of story that provides the foundation of whole person care.

Told through the life of Dr. Wil Alexander, the audience watches him embody the value of story in relation to health and illness. This is a moving documentary of a man who dared to bring the art and science of story into every patient encounter. His legacy not only inspires a new generation of healthcare providers but also highlights the importance of story in every patient encounter.

The film was accepted and screened in 18 film festivals throughout the world, including London and Los Angeles. It received five awards, including awards for best documentary.

You are invited to share in this experience and start a conversation about the power of story in your hospital, school, organization or community.


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View this powerful, award-winning documentary told through the life of a pioneer in whole person care, Dr. Wil Alexander.

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Dr. Wil Alexander weaves the art of story and healthcare that has transformed lives.

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View a sneak peek of this film, which raises the question, "Can story heal?"


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Educational Use

Licensing for A Certain Kind of Light and accompanying materials are available for use in healthcare settings, universities, and other organizations. 

Available November 2017