Carla Gober-Park

Carla Gober-Park, PhD, MS, MPH, RN

  • Director
  • Associate Professor, LLU School of Religion
  • Assistant Vice President, Spiritual Life and Mission


Gerald Winslow

Kris Lozano, MBM

  • Manager


Gerald Winslow

Randy Roberts, DMin 

  • Administrative Committee Chair; Vice President of Life and Mission
Jon Paulien

Jon Paulien, PhD

  • Administrative Committee Vice-Chair; Dean, LLU School of Religion

Areas of Interest: Relationship of faith and contemporary culture; relationship of counseling and mental health with faith


Barbara Hernandez, PhD

  • Associate Professor, LLU School of Science and Technology

Areas of Interest: Association between family of origin issues and the experience of religion and spirituality; ambiguous loss; integration of religion/spirituality in therapy; illness life story research; sexuality in couples with medical issues

Kathy McMillan

Kathy McMillan, MA, RN

  • Loma Linda Univeristy Health, Department of Employee Spiritual Care

Areas of Interest: Spiritual caregiving in health care; bereavement

Siroj Sorajjakool, PhD

  • Associate Professor, Loma Linda Univeristy School of Religion

Areas of Interest: Spirituality and mental health; eastern religions and psychology; religious rituals and psychotherapy; spirituality and health crisis

Calvin Thomas

Calvin Thomsen

  • Associate Professor, Loma Linda Univeristy

Areas of Interest: Social neuroscience, attachment theory, systems theory, religion and mental health, sexuality