Transforming lives through whole person care and spiritual health

The Center seeks to develop cutting-edge opportunities for exploring whole person care and spiritual health, both academically and personally, in the lives of those involved in providing healthcare. Through the use of various media such as internet television, web-based educational opportunities, and the genre of narrative found in many disciplines, the Center pursues various avenues to communicate the study and experience of whole person care and spiritual health to a variety of interest groups.

Our Story

Dr. Wil Alexander founded the Center in 1996 with the aim of developing the art and science of whole person care, a concept he introduced to the Loma Linda University campus in 1973. Dr. Carla Gober-Park was also instrumental in the development of the Center, functioning as associate director in 1996, and since 2005, serving as director of the Center. In 2011, the Center hired Kris Lozano as Center manager. In 2018, Anne Nicolas joined the Center as administrative assistant. The Center exists in connection with Loma Linda University Health and Loma Linda University School of Religion.